War Tanks

This was first prototyped in Urho3D but it never got to that stage where I can get everything pieced together with a limited amount of time. I tried porting it to other engines, make it work and so eventually I have built a custom one with opengl for renderer and using various frameworks. The game components are not that complicated so I managed to get it all done in a few months and with some help. Custom particle engine, game physics and Direct Audio for 3d sound. Buildings are procedurally generated and randomly textured. I’m still planning to do a mobile version on Urho3D if it ever picks up at some point but for now I’m just glad I got this far. :slight_smile:


I figured this project has a bit of Urho history so I thought sharing this here with you guys.


It looks interesting. By the way, what limitations of engine prevented you finish the project on Urho3d?

Thanks 1vanK! Actually, not limitations but time constraints and mostly the use of events and subscriptions which I do plan to implement at a later time or when I can finally port it back to Urho (I gave myself a deadline :wink:) and this one uses simple FSM.

This looks like it’d be a fun multiplayer game. It would look even better if the tank’s tracks and the track drives/gears animate, but I’m sure that’s in the works.

Keep going and finish :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks Lumak! :smiley: Yes, I know having a multiplayer mode would be really awesome for this game, and that is why this was first prototyped in Urho. I’m curious as to how far I can take this custom engine go, and if I ever hit a wall, I can always try and port it back again.


Added some screenshots…