⚠ No SSL on forums

https://discourse.urho3d.io is inaccessible, so every time I log in (without using Github) I get a warning. Could this be fixed?
Or is it me?

It’s not just you. It says my connection is unsecured

I will look into it, I’m not sure what the options are for it yet.


I would like to have https as well please.

@hdunderscore Not sure if they include SSL with this sponsored plan, but maybe coordinate with the Discourse team and for a free SSL option, you can refer to this How-To post:

Hope that helps.


I’ve not been able to get to this sooner, but I believe the SSL is now enabled.

Thanks goes to the discourse staff – the free hosting for the open source projects did include SSL so all that was required was to ask :slight_smile:


nice! I was able to load the site with SSL but getting some mixed content, maybe change one of the logo address to https:// or just // under site settings and maybe get a full display of that green lock SSL icon at least on the homepage?

I think this particular image:

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awesome, works great now hd :slight_smile:

If anyone has issues logging in via http://discourse.urho3d.io, try https://discourse.urho3d.io .

…also maybe do a sticky for a bit re: this change or setup a force redirect

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I have updated the forum URL in the Urho3D main website to use the https protocol.

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Just received an update from discourse staff, all traffic is now forced to https.