Warnings when compiling Urho3D on Win64

Hi all. Is it normal to have so much warnings when compiling Urho3D on Win64 platform? In CMake I use Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64 as a generator and when compiling the Urho3D solution under VS 2015 I got output like below. I know that many of these warnings comes from 3rd libraries, but maybe there is a way to make a more clean build?


Thanks for any info!

Hi @shinyclaw
I had problems when I first started building with Urho3D. I then started sticking Ogre3D dependencies inside the root directory, and from there I had no problem. For android, stick the deps in the include directory of the build tree (builds\android\include), and exclude LUA. At least that’s what worked for me.
I had no warnings or errors in my cmake or vs builds for both 32 and 64 bit.

Perhaps you can try getting the Ogre3D dependencies, and see how it goes.
Here is what my directory structure looks like.





cg.dll	8530240Bytes
OIS_d.dll	518656Bytes
SDL2.dll	730624Bytes


cg.dll	8530240Bytes
OIS.dll	102400Bytes
SDL2.dll	730624Bytes



AmdDxExt.h	7476Bytes
AmdDxExtApi.h	8510Bytes
AmdDxExtIface.h	6873Bytes
AmdDxExtQbStereoApi.h	7193Bytes
AtiDx9Stereo.h	9974Bytes
FreeImage.h	53522Bytes
ft2build.h	2185Bytes
nvapi.h	593676Bytes
NvApiDriverSettings.h	52543Bytes
zconf.h	15508Bytes
zlib.h	87883Bytes


cg.h	64961Bytes



freetype.h	246597Bytes
ftadvanc.h	10342Bytes
ftbbox.h	5245Bytes
ftbdf.h	6749Bytes
ftbitmap.h	13998Bytes
ftbzip2.h	4307Bytes
ftcache.h	60826Bytes
ftchapters.h	7342Bytes
ftcid.h	5579Bytes
fterrdef.h	12179Bytes
fterrors.h	9467Bytes
ftgasp.h	4502Bytes
ftglyph.h	39819Bytes
ftgxval.h	12600Bytes
ftgzip.h	4288Bytes
ftimage.h	82550Bytes
ftincrem.h	11406Bytes
ftlcdfil.h	7709Bytes
ftlist.h	16764Bytes
ftlzw.h	4256Bytes
ftmac.h	17098Bytes
ftmm.h	22712Bytes
ftmodapi.h	26626Bytes
ftmoderr.h	7481Bytes
ftotval.h	7136Bytes
ftoutln.h	32657Bytes
ftpfr.h	6289Bytes
ftrender.h	11719Bytes
ftsizes.h	9561Bytes
ftsnames.h	11175Bytes
ftstroke.h	21069Bytes
ftsynth.h	3897Bytes
ftsystem.h	10197Bytes
fttrigon.h	8443Bytes
fttypes.h	34976Bytes
ftwinfnt.h	10403Bytes
ftxf86.h	4721Bytes
t1tables.h	27036Bytes
ttnameid.h	62170Bytes
tttables.h	40090Bytes
tttags.h	5002Bytes
ttunpat.h	2229Bytes


ftconfig.h	19680Bytes
ftheader.h	25095Bytes
ftmodule.h	1399Bytes
ftoption.h	50672Bytes
ftstdlib.h	7313Bytes



autohint.h	14056Bytes
ftcalc.h	8672Bytes
ftdebug.h	11376Bytes
ftdriver.h	22613Bytes
ftgloadr.h	6498Bytes
ftmemory.h	14848Bytes
ftobjs.h	79039Bytes
ftpic.h	2470Bytes
ftrfork.h	13977Bytes
ftserv.h	39808Bytes
ftstream.h	23253Bytes
fttrace.h	5401Bytes
ftvalid.h	7104Bytes
internal.h	3099Bytes
psaux.h	35945Bytes
pshints.h	22395Bytes
sfnt.h	52000Bytes
t1types.h	9930Bytes
tttypes.h	86595Bytes


svbdf.h	3133Bytes
svcid.h	3884Bytes
svgldict.h	3442Bytes
svgxval.h	2739Bytes
svkern.h	1783Bytes
svmm.h	4484Bytes
svotval.h	1946Bytes
svpfr.h	2270Bytes
svpostnm.h	2937Bytes
svpscmap.h	6871Bytes
svpsinfo.h	4402Bytes
svsfnt.h	3380Bytes
svttcmap.h	4746Bytes
svtteng.h	1687Bytes
svttglyf.h	2343Bytes
svwinfnt.h	1702Bytes
svxf86nm.h	2047Bytes



OIS.h	1367Bytes
OISConfig.h	2711Bytes
OISEffect.h	8470Bytes
OISEvents.h	1315Bytes
OISException.h	2556Bytes
OISFactoryCreator.h	2524Bytes
OISForceFeedback.h	3680Bytes
OISInputManager.h	6079Bytes
OISInterface.h	1374Bytes
OISJoyStick.h	7022Bytes
OISKeyboard.h	10113Bytes
OISMouse.h	4193Bytes
OISMultiTouch.h	5877Bytes
OISObject.h	2956Bytes
OISPrereqs.h	6456Bytes


Win32ForceFeedback.h	3468Bytes
Win32InputManager.h	3600Bytes
Win32JoyStick.h	2808Bytes
Win32KeyBoard.h	2600Bytes
Win32Mouse.h	1827Bytes
Win32Prereqs.h	2003Bytes



allocators.h	10367Bytes
document.h	92163Bytes
encodedstream.h	9961Bytes
encodings.h	23547Bytes
filereadstream.h	2889Bytes
filewritestream.h	3111Bytes
memorybuffer.h	2563Bytes
memorystream.h	2471Bytes
pointer.h	56862Bytes
prettywriter.h	7926Bytes
rapidjson.h	22543Bytes
reader.h	62467Bytes
stringbuffer.h	3167Bytes
writer.h	14238Bytes


en.h	3677Bytes
error.h	5704Bytes


biginteger.h	9128Bytes
diyfp.h	11358Bytes
dtoa.h	6867Bytes
ieee754.h	2931Bytes
itoa.h	10306Bytes
meta.h	6753Bytes
pow10.h	3650Bytes
stack.h	6323Bytes
strfunc.h	1448Bytes
strtod.h	8616Bytes
swap.h	1322Bytes


inttypes.h	8372Bytes
stdint.h	9386Bytes


begin_code.h	4432Bytes
close_code.h	1417Bytes
SDL.h	4101Bytes
SDL_assert.h	10860Bytes
SDL_atomic.h	9653Bytes
SDL_audio.h	28541Bytes
SDL_bits.h	2527Bytes
SDL_blendmode.h	2252Bytes
SDL_clipboard.h	1966Bytes
SDL_config.h	13487Bytes
SDL_config_android.h	3861Bytes
SDL_config_iphoneos.h	4187Bytes
SDL_config_macosx.h	5397Bytes
SDL_config_minimal.h	2619Bytes
SDL_config_pandora.h	3275Bytes
SDL_config_psp.h	3736Bytes
SDL_config_windows.h	5778Bytes
SDL_config_winrt.h	5950Bytes
SDL_config_wiz.h	3145Bytes
SDL_copying.h	939Bytes
SDL_cpuinfo.h	4360Bytes
SDL_egl.h	73519Bytes
SDL_endian.h	5944Bytes
SDL_error.h	2271Bytes
SDL_events.h	28064Bytes
SDL_filesystem.h	5255Bytes
SDL_gamecontroller.h	12233Bytes
SDL_gesture.h	2157Bytes
SDL_haptic.h	38771Bytes
SDL_hints.h	36894Bytes
SDL_joystick.h	12075Bytes
SDL_keyboard.h	6437Bytes
SDL_keycode.h	14847Bytes
SDL_loadso.h	2866Bytes
SDL_log.h	6483Bytes
SDL_main.h	4595Bytes
SDL_messagebox.h	4611Bytes
SDL_mouse.h	10922Bytes
SDL_mutex.h	6665Bytes
SDL_name.h	1155Bytes
SDL_opengl.h	82372Bytes
SDL_opengl_glext.h	731497Bytes
SDL_opengles.h	1254Bytes
SDL_opengles2.h	1552Bytes
SDL_opengles2_gl2.h	31876Bytes
SDL_opengles2_gl2ext.h	98695Bytes
SDL_opengles2_gl2platform.h	913Bytes
SDL_opengles2_khrplatform.h	10022Bytes
SDL_pixels.h	17031Bytes
SDL_platform.h	4917Bytes
SDL_power.h	2463Bytes
SDL_quit.h	2106Bytes
SDL_rect.h	4445Bytes
SDL_render.h	34464Bytes
SDL_revision.h	71Bytes
SDL_rwops.h	7242Bytes
SDL_scancode.h	14946Bytes
SDL_shape.h	5688Bytes
SDL_stdinc.h	18399Bytes
SDL_surface.h	19156Bytes
SDL_system.h	7603Bytes
SDL_syswm.h	8915Bytes
SDL_test.h	1971Bytes
SDL_test_assert.h	3243Bytes
SDL_test_common.h	4906Bytes
SDL_test_compare.h	2163Bytes
SDL_test_crc32.h	3385Bytes
SDL_test_font.h	2336Bytes
SDL_test_fuzzer.h	13122Bytes
SDL_test_harness.h	4612Bytes
SDL_test_images.h	2215Bytes
SDL_test_log.h	1954Bytes
SDL_test_md5.h	4630Bytes
SDL_test_random.h	3156Bytes
SDL_thread.h	10114Bytes
SDL_timer.h	3454Bytes
SDL_touch.h	2335Bytes
SDL_types.h	1031Bytes
SDL_version.h	5161Bytes
SDL_video.h	43855Bytes


_config.h	6799Bytes
_msvc.h	6343Bytes
conf.h	6311Bytes
plugin.h	3285Bytes
types.h	2164Bytes
zzip.h	8050Bytes



SDL2.lib	2031142Bytes
SDL2main.lib	4392Bytes


cg.lib	84788Bytes
FreeImage_d.lib	45129154Bytes
freetype_d.lib	2309896Bytes
nvapi.lib	477236Bytes
OIS_d.lib	63784Bytes
zlib_d.lib	244276Bytes
zziplib_d.lib	199042Bytes


cg.lib	84788Bytes
FreeImage.lib	17698672Bytes
freetype.lib	799234Bytes
nvapi.lib	477236Bytes
OIS.lib	63368Bytes
zlib.lib	107662Bytes
zziplib.lib	66520Bytes

If that doesn’t work, then it might be a missing link that need to be set in your environment variables.
Hope this helps.

First of all Urho3D build system only uses the third-party dependency libs that are found in its own source tree. It doesn’t depend on other project’s dependencies.

We have only lightly modified the 3rd-party source to fix critical bugs or to make them play nice with Urho in order to minimize the delta change and make our life easier when we need to upgrade the libs from their upstream repo. We don’t alter them just to suppress the warnings, however. You can pass in the compiler flags to suppress the warnings if they bother you.