Welcome to our new Urho3D team members


In the past we have let the event of new developer accepting the offer to join us as Urho3D project team members with full GitHub push privilege unannounced. But no more . :wink:
We will start a new tradition to announce the event by making a new post in this announcement thread when one of you joins us.

hd_ (member170.html) has made tremendous contributions to our code base in the recent release and we are happy to inform you that he is now our latest team member. Welcome, hd_!


Thanks, glad to be part of the team :smiley:


I greatly appreciate hd_'s contributions, it’s great to have you in the team hd_
hd_ also has constructive and helpful activity in this forum. Thanks hd_ :wink:


Congrats and thanks for all your contribution hd_! :smiley:


Mike http://urho3d.prophpbb.com/member58.html who has worked a lot on the examples and documentation has now also become a member of the Urho3D committers (push privilege) group. Welcome!


hd_, Mike, you are welcome!




WOOHOO! Thanks Mike for all the work! Now importantly, 8 is great and all but with 9 we could be the Fellowship of the Fish. I am reserving Gimli for myself.


Welcome, Mike!


Thanks for appreciation, it’s a bit intimidating to join such a team :wink:


Grats, welcome Mike :smiley:


Eugene from the forums becomes now our newest core team member. Welcome!




Welcome, Eugene!


Thanks for all your contributions :wink:

I’ve noticed that people are not updated on Github.


Should be updated now.


Thanks to everyone for this awesome engine :smiley:


@TheComet and @Eugene are now officially the maintainers of our newly created team to manage the community repositories. TheComet is also now our newest team member in the Urho3D organization. Welcome aboard!


I’m ashamed to admit, but I did not find a link to the new organization


There is no new organization. We only created a new team inside the same Urho3D organization. https://github.com/orgs/urho3d/teams
But there is really nothing to see there yet.

The team maintainers should be able to create new sub-team.
All team members should be able to create new repository.