Welcome to the Urho3D new forums!


Urho3D user CarloMaker generously set up this phpbb based forum for discussions and support for the Urho3D rendering and game engine. The intention is to replace the existing Google discussion group to be able to better organize discussions, and to solve the problem of Google software automatically misdetecting some posts to the group as spam. Welcome!


Many thanks to you for ur wonderful work !


carlomaker, set to cadaver (Lasse) as super moderator please.


ok, done!


In theme settings you can change forum logo.


Hmm… Style Tab in admin panel is disabled. =(


Nice, its good to see Urho3D finally have a proper forum. It should be a lot easier to find older posts I think. Well done!


Thank CarloMaker! This is new Level.


Thanks , but i want to say “Thanks” to Lasse and all contributors.