What is a best way to animation?

Hi, everyone! 33_Urho2DSpriterAnimation sample with folder of imp animation sized ~0.5mb, I packed separated images by SpritePacker to image atlas, now in sized 180kb, but it is large for this simply animation! I converted atlas image to webp format and its sized just 50kb! But there is a problem - Urho does not support webp. Size has matter for mobile platforms, I think webp is good format for this. But I’m new in Urho. May be there is a way to make good little sized?

Hi halcyonx,

Urho supports lossless PNG, which may be the best current alternative. Size with pngout or similar utility is not much larger than webp, with slower de/compression.

Of course we are also welcome to contribute support for other formats.
One library I would consider, BSD-licensed: https://sites.google.com/site/openimageio/home