What is the purpose of LitBase?

Hi, every one,
I am reading the source code of Urho3D,

When I read this at View.cpp :

void View::GetLitBatches(Drawable* drawable, LightBatchQueue& lightQueue, BatchQueue* alphaQueue)
    Light* light = lightQueue.light_;
    Zone* zone = GetZone(drawable);
    const Vector<SourceBatch>& batches = drawable->GetBatches();

    bool allowLitBase =
        useLitBase_ && !lightQueue.negative_ && light == drawable->GetFirstLight() && drawable->GetVertexLights().Empty() &&

I don’t know what’s the means about allowLitBase, what is the purpose of it ?

Urho uses (as one of the options) classic forward rendering with separate light passes, so you normally get object rendered N+1 times: ambient only, first light, second light, etc.

“lit base” is the name of optimization where first two passes are merged into one, so the object is rendered only N times: ambient plus first light, second light, etc.


Thanks for such a clear reply!