Where I was at, one year ago

Walking away from Unity was easy - in one year, I felt it had made me a worse coder, there were other reasons but that is enough on its own - feels good to be free, and contributing to an engine where I can see my changes reach the public, and not charge for it.

I actually thought I could contribute …

:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: (spams)

I’ve got the shakes down the kneebone
Yeah, havin’ the tremors in the thighbone
Shakin’ all over
Just the way you say goodnight to me
Brings that feeling on inside of me
Quivers down my back bone
I’ve got the shivers down the thighbone
Yeah, the tremors in my back bone
Shakin’ all over

One can contribute in many ways, not only with code and technology. There’s presence, feedback and usage.
And poetry, too. Yes.
Now, a bit of eye pleasing would be in order, imho. I’m sensitive to good art, and I really like to see people using lovely avatars. Really.
Just my 2p, you know. Hence my request: could you fetch away that horrible L avatar of yours, and use something better? Those are for noobs, but now you aren’t anymore.
Moreover, that plain dumb dry letter is spammed all over forum pages, given the number of post you do.
It would be really in order to use an eye-catching something, I don’t know, whatever you like…
Here I googled for “little fish”, for instance. And chose this:


You’re no more a newbie fish. I think you can award yourself the roaming title of “swimming fish”, or whatever.
Next level you’ll be promoted to “fish in the tankard”, or so. And we will talk about contribution and all that again…

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How about:

Some people are simply 2k001 to be bothered, like @Lumak, @SirNate0 and @Dave82 . :slight_smile:

@Leith Seeming setbacks are a part of life, the unfortunate truth is that they are even an inevitable part of progress. Often wisdom comes in an ugly wrapper. :spoon:

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@Modanung There. Happy now ? :blush:


I’ll find something from my work to represent me better, but for now, something will do
the all-bleeding eye

Thanks, guys! [20 char filler]