Who is developing this engine?


My name is Leith Ketchell.
I hold a bachelor degree, specializing in game development, but prior to that,


I was an engine developer, and I still am. Who is running this show? I’d love to have a chat about tech.


I mean the person who (to my knowledge) started this doesn’t work on Urho anymore. It’s more of a community project now. I’d give you their name, but I totally forgot it. Sure they’ll come here and talk to you about the project though.They are still fairly active here as far as I’m aware…


Just see the github repo commits.


Most of the work (founding included) was done by @cadaver, but he left the project and took on a sporadic advisory role.
@weitjong currently seems like the most consistent factor in the development team, but he’s mainly concerned with Urho’s build system. Although he has not accepted the position of “leader” I do think he’s one of the people to approach concerning core dev team management. I see him as Urho’s main guardian or gatekeeper in the current situation.


Thank you for your replies.
I would like to donate some time to core development.

I’m slowly digesting this beast, and see a number of areas that could be improved - especially, there are some major holes in the docs! Where do I find a prioritized TODO list, that I might offer some assistance in terms of engine code?


My question was answered in another thread, but for those who may follow me, I leave this link.