Why when I loade the scene, I get mesh misplaced and scaled?

I have a scene exported from Blender as fbx file.

I use the tool AssetImport and I get an XML scene.

I loaded in the test application, I get really strange results, I thought there is an error in fbx file, or in blender, to my surprise when I loaded the scene in Urho3D Editor, everything look normal.

What I do in the test application, I just load the scene and use standard rendering path “Forward.xml”, which come with Urho3d, here is what I do:

Urho3D::SharedPtr<Urho3D::ResourceCache> ps_cache(pr_application->GetSubsystem<Urho3D::ResourceCache>());

Urho3D::SharedPtr<Urho3D::Renderer> ps_renderer(pr_application->GetSubsystem<Urho3D::Renderer>());



auto ps_scene_file = ps_cache->GetFile("simple_objects.xml");

if(pr_scene->LoadXML( *ps_scene_file ) == false ) {
    throw std::runtime_error("could not load the scene");

auto pr_context = pr_application->GetContext( );

// camera settings
Urho3D::SharedPtr<Urho3D::Node> camera_node( pr_scene->GetChild("Camera", true) );
if( camera_node == nullptr ) {
    camera_node = pr_scene->CreateChild("Camera");

Urho3D::Camera* pr_camera = camera_node->CreateComponent<Urho3D::Camera>( );

Urho3D::SharedPtr<Urho3D::Viewport> viewport(new Urho3D::Viewport(

auto ps_render_path_file = ps_cache->GetResource<Urho3D::XMLFile>("RenderPaths/Forward.xml");

Urho3D::SharedPtr<Urho3D::RenderPath> render_path ( new Urho3D::RenderPath( ) );

render_path->Load( ps_render_path_file );

viewport->SetRenderPath( render_path );

ps_renderer->SetViewport(0, viewport);

Could you share the scene file? My guess is it’s something with that, though I’m very unsure about it.

A screenshot showing the maltransformation may also shed some light.

i did post some screenshot already, I found how to solve the problem, I do not fully understand how the probem really happens, but i can say, there are CoreData folder in the scene, and another Core Data folder at the root, when i made a single CoreData, it worked correctly.

I am kind of person that i do not like to put everything in one place, but it seems it is the save way to do so in Urho3D

Can you explain what you mean by this? My guess is you had something like


I would expect this to fail, as the engine looks for the folders to add to the resources cache to look for resources, but I don’t think it looks for more than one (once it finds a matching CoreData, it stops looking for others). But you could add the other folders you want manually.