Windows 64 bit does not seem to work

I tried to build the examples in 64 bit, but they do not render anything except the UI overlay.

I used cmake to create a Visual Studio 2017 Win64 project.

The 32 bit version works.

You should either update Visual Studio 2017 to the latest version or don’t use unstable Visual Studio 2017 at all.

I am using the latest version of Visual Studio

What cmake command did you use?

Is it broken in Debug and/or Release build?
There was known problem fixed in 15.7

I used the Cmake GUI. Target: Visual Studio 2017 Win64
Debug build

Which backend? I remember I encountered this with dx11 on mingw. The window was just black and nothing happened.

The backend is D3D9.

I am getting a memory exception in DrawPrimitive in my application

I demos are not just blank, as I originally thought. Depending on the camera position, the scene is blank. If I move the camera slightly, the scene is correct. Do you have a Windows 64 system to repro this?

Could you specify exact Visual Studio version?

You need Visual Studio 2017, version 15.7.3.
The update is quite recent, and solves the matrix multiplication issue that caused this.

You are right. I thought I had the latest version of VS since I recently updated. I did not. I updated and the demos work now.

Thanks all.

I’m still getting the memory exception in DrawPrimitive, though.

Steps to reproduce and callstack, please.

The repro case is just
I updated the cmake file to Qt5 and use Win64. It did not take too long to update it.

The default seems to be D3D

This version of the ParticleEditor is a fork or the original and has some work done. It uses QtOpenGL, but also crashes most of the time.

I never had this issue using vs 2015 as well as 2017.