Windows Support

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I see that Urho3D runs on “Windows” but it would be nice to get clarification on this either in the info page and/or here:

Does this support mean traditional/legacy/non-store Windows? Windows Store (Windows 8+) or both?

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I guess it means traditional Windows (x86 and x86_64) support. I don’t know whether Windows XP is supported, but Windows Vista and later should all work.

XP should also be still supported AFAIK.

Yes, Windows XP is still supported.
My workspace - XP, MinGW, OpenGL

WOW… XP is supported?! Does this only use pre-.NET 4.5 or something? Sorry, I’m being lazy and haven’t actually checked it out yet… so many things to do before then. :slight_smile:

Also, it sounds like this isn’t Windows Store-compatible, then? It would be nice to have this as well. Anyways, when I finally get the chance to check it out I will update this thread with my official findings. :smiley:

Supporting XP and Windows Store are not mutually exclusive. However, I don’t think Store build is supported currently out of the box. Urho is implemented in C++ so it has no .NET requirements whatsoever. For UWP information, see topic1724.html.