Wireframe on shaded

Is it currently possible to enable wireframe on shaded like in the Urho3d editor but in an actual application ?

Of course, anything you see in the editor can be done in your application:

Camera class: Set Fill Mode: urho3d.github.io/documentation/1 … f718da0c1a
Fill mode enum from GraphicsDefs.h

/// Fill mode. enum FillMode { FILL_SOLID = 0, FILL_WIREFRAME, FILL_POINT };

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Can we combine FILL_WIREFRAME and FILL_SOLID and choose a color for the wireframe ?

I believe it is not easy to do so without tinkering with the engine’s code. I have not tried this myself but I think you need to draw the model twice in two separate batches, one with FILL_SOLID and one with FILL_WIREFRAME. You may need to use Graphics::SetDepthBias() method in between the draws to avoid z-fighting. Basically if you want this to happen on all the models in your scene then you could modify the renderpath to have two scene-pass commands or something like that (see github.com/urho3d/Urho3D/blob/m … 1466-L1478).

Another way might be to write a shader for wireframe.

Thanks I will try that :slight_smile:

To write a wireframe shader for a specific model - would you specify the fill mode in the shader code or is it possible to send that option through the material/technique xml files (i.e. similar to how you specify the cull mode)?

Currently the fill mode is only the camera’s property, not a material property. To make a model wireframe you would have to make its geometry use for example LINE_LIST primitive mode. You can do that programmatically but I believe the exporters assume TRIANGLE_LIST always.

This could be added to material though, at a small efficiency cost (now we just need to set fill mode once per scene pass, if it’s a material property we have to set it on each material change.)

Material fill mode has been added.

Perfect! Thanks for adding this.

Syntax is ?

Yes. This was missing from documentation, thought I updated it but apparantly didn’t. :slight_smile: It’s there in the master branch now.