With Emscripten gamepad data function can not be called in time

I have been working on an Emscripten issue for ~24 hours now and can not seem to figure this out.

I got sample 23_Water working under GCC and everything looks great. However when I try the same code with Emscripten it compiles fine but running it gets me

Uncaught emscripten_get_num_gamepads() can only be called after having first called emscripten_sample_gamepad_data() and that function has returned EMSCRIPTEN_RESULT_SUCCESS!

Adding emscripten_sample_gamepad_data() to the Sample constructor does not help. Adding it to Sample::Setup() does not help. It just still spits back the same error. I tried removing all references to anything called joystick or input as a test and I still get the same error. The same is true for Water::Water() and Water::Setup().

I did find a reference to an SDL-related issue but I do not think it is of any help.

My command looks like

-o water.html
-s WASM=0 -s LEGACY_VM_SUPPORT=1 -s ENVIRONMENT=“web,worker”

It appears to me, based on this error, that I just need a pre-initialization place to call emscripten_sample_gamepad_data() but can not figure out where that is after pouring through the docs. Really not sure where to go from here.

I cannot reproduce this error. I am mostly using DBE nowadays when targeting platforms that are supported by my “dockerized” project. In your case, this is how I built the 23_Water sample just now.

$ script/dockerized.sh web rake make web target=23_Water