Xamarin android urhosharp has no octree.getdrawables

xamarin android urhosharp has no octree.getdrawables
how to solve

I say you poke @elix22, they are the closest thing to UrhoSharp “maintainer” out there.

please help me,I don’t know how to poke elix22

Here is the .net version.

I saw the Urho.Net,And try use.But Urho.Net scene.GetComponent().getdrawables is alos not finded.
So what is right way.I could using octree.getdrawables function.

Create an issue on Github .
I am not promising anything , I will see what I can do.

Please note that on mobile devices (unlike UrhoSharp) Urho.Net is not linked to
Xamarin Android/iOS , it’s running directly on top of Mono runtime.

0 0,I mean if there are no has other easy way to do octreee.getdrawables.It means we can not get Nodes within a rectangle by octree of urho3d.So I want add my logic to do this function.Just like War3 Game,I just want to get units by rectangle.

Now I could use Urho.Net to run “android-deploy-debug”.But I can’t debug with breakpoint.I use Win10.And .net core debug is ok,I could use breakpoint.But in “android-deploy-debug” ,breakpoint is invalid.Just Samples.

Currently Debugger is available only on Desktop (Windows , Linux, MacOS)
You can use Logs , it’s working on all platforms .

using Urho.IO;

Log.LogLevel = LogLevel.Info;

Log.Info("Some test log with a number " + 10.ToString() + " and a nother number" + 456.ToString());