Xamarin Forms - UrhoSharp - Images don't show up on iOS from Assets Folder

Hey guys ,

I created a XF and Urho sharp application .

I added the “Data” folder in Android->Assets , iOS ->Resources

It works well in android and the models load in iOS , however the images don’t load in iOS.


The image is located in the Data folder . It works in android but for iOS - i get a black plane

Any idea how to fix it ?

  • The image is set as BundleResource in the iOS project

In IOS every texture needs to have a power of two resolution, like 256/256 or 512/512.

Check if that is the issue.

Additionally check that your using the latest UrhoSharp version, a lot of exceptions are thrown now that weren’t before.

Like missing resources, shader compilation errors among other things.

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Sometimes the issue was caused by the filename, ‘image.png’ and ‘image.PNG’ are different files on iOS device.