Zooming out, some StaticModels dissapear


I have a simple scene where I “zoom out” (moving camera backwards), and some Staticmodels suddenly dissapear (pop away) after some treshold/distance, while some are visible all the time (until they pass the far clip).

I only change SetModel (.mdl) file for my StaticModel in the sourcecode… everthing else stays the same…
→ SetModel with boxes.mdl and mushroom.mdl works, I can zoom out and see them,
→ but with 80% of my imported fbx files, they dissapear suddenly… some of those (20%) actually “work” ? (Similar sized models)

So I guess it is a param for AssetImporter? I checked the fbx files in my 3d modeller and they seem to look fine / similar…

I do

AssetImporter.exe model myfile.fbx Data\Models\myfile.mdl -nc -nm

Any ideas? (The member variables of the resulting StaticModel all look similar (the Drawable* members))


It seems that the Materials were the problem, somehow mine were botched. I upgraded the Urho version to latest a while ago and still had the CoreData from 1.5 I guess. I deleted the shader cache in
%APPDATA%\urho3d\shadercache (I guess CoreData\Shaders\HLSL\Cache is deprecated?), and now with Materials/DefaultMaterial.xml everything seems to work like I want (at least no more sudden dissapearance). Gonna work my way back from that…

Interesting, thanks for the reply hopefully it will be a useful tip for anyone with the same issue.